Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thing # 58

I created infographics using

and Piktochart:

I found the process quite challenging and time consuming! There are lots of holes in my computer "fly by the seat of your pants" training. The "Help" didn't always have the info I needed, so trial & error was the watchword of this Thing.

Even though it took almost two weeks, I want to keep these two infographics updated so they can be used to keep everyone on informed on the progress of the book sale collection.

Since practice makes perfect...I'll keeping working on this and other skills I have learned through NElearns 2.0.


Inspired by the Tech Rodeo I created a Wordle based on the North Platte Public Library Blog post "Reflecting on 100 Years of Library Service" Wordle: NPPL

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thing 57: Playing with a new gadget.

What perfect timing...I got my first smartphone this month! So here's the story of the almost little old couple and the smartphone. Our cell phone contract renewal date was a month away, when my spouse and I started talking to people about their smartphones and doing some research online. So when the the Big Day came we were armed(with information) and dangerous. However, Sam (the Customer Service Rep) set us straight and signed us up with cool new phones. So out the door we went with our little bag of gadgets. At home we started with the "Getting Started Guide" and went step by step through the little book. But we had lots of questions. Our next stop was the company website for tutorials and the online users manual for more answers and fewer questions. Step three was talk to our 27 yr old son & his wife. We got quite a few good hints and app recommendations from them. Then it was back to the web to search the tutorials and manuals again (once through them was not enough). We have spent about a week learning and using our new phones but we still think we need more information. So, we signed up for a basic smartphone class. More info on that later.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Thing #56

Readability and Instapaper are new to me. So, I spent some time comparing the sites using the same web articles. After using both applications, I think I'll stick to Readability. I like the format of the homepage and it was just easier for me use right away. I like that the app buttons are on the main toolbar and not on the bookmarks toolbar(less clutter). I did have some problems with the Firefox add on for Instapaper, but that was operator error. I plan on revisiting both in a month or so when I upgrade to a smart phone. Who knows I might change my mind by then. Susie, I really enjoy the blog you mentioned! That young lady's blog will be one I visit again.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thing 52: My interest in Pinterest

I first heard about Pinterest before Christmas and wanted to sign up. Thing 52 was the deciding factor to just do it! I enjoyed setting up my boards. Browsing and pinning can swallow up an entire evening in the blink of an eye. Lesson one: set a time limit. Pinterest can be addictive! I was surprised how quickly my first posts were "liked" and commented on. I question if there is a group pinners that target new members to get them engaged and active in the process. I wasn't impressed with their recommendations of people to follow. I unfollowed all of them. I much prefer to follow people I know that share the same interests. I'm more likely to try something new if it has been recommended by a friend. Pinterest for libraries is a great idea. It's a way to reach another audience with services, events & books important to the community. Besides it's FUN!! I've been following the recent articles about Pinterest, tracking and copyright concerns. It will be interesting to watch the evolution of this form of social networking. Well I'm definitely stuck on Pinterest. Just search for me...I'm the mostly white calico cat.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thing 50 TED

Thanks for the opportunity to learn about TED. It's evident that there is not enough music in my life at the moment because most of the videos I chose were musical.

I liked Bobby McFerrin's universality of music.

Arthur Benjamin has an unbelievable mind. It also reminds me of the book The Eight...the link between music and math.

Serena' performance was jaw dropping.

A Celtic tune always makes me sit up and pay attention, clap my hands & tap my toes.

The most inspirational was Don Jose Abreu. (I even understood most of it w/o the subtitles!)

And these guys are Extraordinary!

I'm definitely adding TED to my RSS feeds.