Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thing 57: Playing with a new gadget.

What perfect timing...I got my first smartphone this month! So here's the story of the almost little old couple and the smartphone. Our cell phone contract renewal date was a month away, when my spouse and I started talking to people about their smartphones and doing some research online. So when the the Big Day came we were armed(with information) and dangerous. However, Sam (the Customer Service Rep) set us straight and signed us up with cool new phones. So out the door we went with our little bag of gadgets. At home we started with the "Getting Started Guide" and went step by step through the little book. But we had lots of questions. Our next stop was the company website for tutorials and the online users manual for more answers and fewer questions. Step three was talk to our 27 yr old son & his wife. We got quite a few good hints and app recommendations from them. Then it was back to the web to search the tutorials and manuals again (once through them was not enough). We have spent about a week learning and using our new phones but we still think we need more information. So, we signed up for a basic smartphone class. More info on that later.