Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thing 50 TED

Thanks for the opportunity to learn about TED. It's evident that there is not enough music in my life at the moment because most of the videos I chose were musical.

I liked Bobby McFerrin's universality of music.

Arthur Benjamin has an unbelievable mind. It also reminds me of the book The Eight...the link between music and math.

Serena' performance was jaw dropping.

A Celtic tune always makes me sit up and pay attention, clap my hands & tap my toes.

The most inspirational was Don Jose Abreu. (I even understood most of it w/o the subtitles!)

And these guys are Extraordinary!

I'm definitely adding TED to my RSS feeds.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thing 23 cpd23

Thanks for 23 more thought provoking Things! A couple of times I didn't know if I would be able to finish the series, but I'm glad I stuck with it. I appreciate being able to try new web based tools and now use a couple of these frequently. I have learned to respect the power of social media and how to participate in this forum in a professional manner. I have enjoyed the community of worldwide learners and especially the ones from NE.

I don't have a proper plan for continued professional development, but I'll continue to follow NE Learns 2.0 and catch up on some webinars I've missed. Besides if I had to do another IEP or Action Plan I might just unravel!

My sort of six word story is:
(the)more I learn, (the)less I know.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Thing 21 & 22 cpd 23

I completed Thing 21 a year & a half ago when my long time career ended. I was prepared for many of the challenges of job searching, but was surprised how much energy it took to look for a new job. I would recommend "Now Discover Your
Strengths" by Marcus Buckingham or the "Strengths Finder 2.0" by Donald Clifton for anyone struggling to define their strengths. Ned Potter does it again. His blog post on Interviewing is excellent!

Thing 22: Volunteering for professional growth.
I started volunteering at the library for many of the reasons discussed in this lesson. Would I enjoy working in a library? Would the skills I had be useful in a library setting? Could I fit in with the culture? Today I can answer yes to all of these questions because I volunteer.

I found the study by McCrudden to be very thought provoking. The idea of unpaid work devaluing the work of paid staff could just boil down to attitude. I don't think the volunteer work I do devalues the work of any of the library staff, because my assignment is outside the usual job description. I would definitely volunteer to work on special projects for more job experience. So, in my point of view volunteering is a good thing!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thing 20 cpd23

This was a terrific assignment. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the wiki posts from the Day in the Life... & Library Roots & Routes projects. The diversity in library and information careers is really amazing when compared to the libraries & librarians I remember from the 1960's!

I talked a little bit about my path to becoming a library volunteer in Thing 1 & 10 so I'll share a bit of what I hope my route will be for the next few years. I really enjoy my current assignment: sorting donations for the Friends Book Sale. Occasionally, I'll shelve books or scan obits, but now that it's okay to come out of the garage I'd like to help with other projects. Our library does a lot of fund-raising so I'll have many of opportunities to try new things. I plan on keeping my certification up to date. You never know when an opportunity will present itself. In addition, I will be able to retire in only 9 years so perhaps a third career as a library staff member will be my route or Library Board or maybe....

Thanks again for a great cpd lesson.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thing 17 cpd23

WOW! Am I impressed with Prezi! It took awhile to view all the tutorials(Ned Potter makes it look easy) and examples but it did motivate me to consider giving it a try. So, I signed up. I have an idea for simple marketing Prezi for the Fall Book Sale, but I need to check w/the Library Director first. I have a background picture in mind and how I want the information to zoom in and out through the presentation. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

I was introduced to Slideshare in the 1st 23 Things, but I didn't have access to PowerPoint. It was something new to learn about, but not something I could use. Today when I logged on there were several presentations of Steve Jobs quotations so I took a trip down memory lane and my first PC, a hand me down Apple 2 w/a daisy wheel printer. Anyway,after a short tour around Slideshare I could see the value of saving and sharing all those presentations even the bad & the ugly. We always need examples of what not to do!

As always, I enjoy reading the posts of the participants and viewing their Presi & Slideshare presentations.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thing 19 cpd23

This is a good time for a review. I have integrated a few of the things into my everyday life. Such as Google Calendar, now if I could just get my boss to use it for office. RSS is a part of my day. I have found than this time around I can keep up w/feeds and have chosen several of the authors suggested in cpd23. My favorite is the Real Wikiman. He always has something interesting to learn and doesn't overwhelm me with posts.

As the weeks have past I really have been thinking about how I present myself online. I don't have access to social media at work so I am limited to few minutes at home each day. I have taken a close look at security on Facebook and w/all the recent changes I need to stay on top of it. I am also more conscious about what I post or how I comment as I share one Facebook page with friends, family, & co-workers past and present. I have chosen to leave Twitter for now. It is a great option for communication, but just doesn't work w/my life right now.

One of the goals I had for this session of things was to become more comfortable blogging. I have noticed it is easier to express what I am thinking and do it in a reasonable amount of time.

Probably the "thing" that I appreciate the most is the lesson on Mentoring. Now I am not doing the mentoring but am being mentored by a fantastic group of library learners. I enjoy reading the posts on NELearns 2.O and cpd23. I have learned a great deal and been more open to try new things. Thanks to everyone!!

Well, that's all for now. I have to go check my feeds and log on to Facebook.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thing 18 cpd23

This Jing Thing is really interesting! It has more jazz than PrntScn.
I could use Lightshot and Screenomatic too for tutorials, collaboration and promotion. Oh My! It's not too hard to learn, just download & go.
Now,Cantasia is for the deft of mind - certainly not mine.

Podcasts. I've heard a few.
It's great for learning and multitasking on the run.
But I've never been tempted to create one.
Good thing I have no mike...
With my voice, it would take a hike.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Thing 15 & 16 cpd23

Thing 15
Attending meetings & conferences is very important for professional development. It's a great way to network, learn about new developments in your field and investigate new ideas. I have attended many and participated in small group discussions, training sessions, workshops, lectures etc. The suggestions given in the links are excellent for the 1st time conference attendee. There are even hints for the more experienced.

I have never presented at a conference, but have helped with the behind the scenes preparation for several meetings.

Thing 16
Advocacy is what we do everyday. Every time you help a child find a book or smile at the people coming in the door or answer the phone with a cheerful voice you are advocating for your library!

The post had many interesting suggestions for advocacy and I enjoyed reading the ALA suggestions. NPPL has all sorts of outreach and events to put the library in the newspaper and on TV.

Publishing is a new challenge I have not accepted yet. Advocating through social media is something I'm still learning about but I hope to jump in and help promote the next event with the Director's permission.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thing 14 cpd23

Oh my! I'm in WAY over my head with this Thing. I did watch all of the introductory videos and chose Mendeley to download. I felt like a fraud entering a field of study and educational status. However, I did take the time to explore the uses and options for this program. If I were writing papers and doing research I would use Mendeley. I would also recommend it to students for it's organizational benefits, massive collection of articles and networking opportunities. Thing 14 was a great opportunity to stretch my brain and investigate something new, but not something I will use.

I have to say that Sherm Sez for Week 10 was just as helpful as the actual lesson!
Thanks Sherm!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thing 13 cpd23

This week I was able to expand my experience with online collaboration.

I learned about Google Docs in the 1st 23 Things. I have used it for a resume based on one of the templates and created simple spreadsheets. I hope to use it for the next group project.

I did sign up for Dropbox. The tutorial was easy to understand so I had a folder for the FOL Fall Sale set up rather quickly. I also added another computer to my account and invited co-workers to share.

I also learned about wikis in the first 23 Things. I participated in the project, but have not the opportunity to get involved with this type of collaboration since then. I did explore the Library Day in the Life wiki. It's a great example of how online collaboration can bring a large group of people together for a common purpose and have fun doing it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thing 12 cpd23

I thought this would be an easy post to write, but I was wrong.

I enjoy using social media to keep up with friends, co-workers and colleagues. I am motivated by the community of librarians and like minded people. I have learned so much from the Things and keeping up with various blogs, feeds, posts and tweets. Yet...I feel uneasy sometimes. As if the good is being over run by the bad and the ugly. Pandora's box is open and it will be increasing important to choose our communities and networks wisely.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things 10 & 11 cdp23

I'm not a real librarian, yet. Someday. Maybe. My path to Nebraska Learns 2.0 started in 2005 when I realized that my days as a WaldenWoman were numbered. I knew I would need to start training for a new career and Librarianship was where I thought I could use my skills and experience. So I started with Basic Skills, attending workshops and volunteering at the Public Library. In January 2010, after 31 years of working at Waldenbooks (most of them as manager) I turned out the lights and handed over the keys. There were no job openings at the library at the time so, I started looking elsewhere. I was extremely lucky to find a job w/insurance. I still volunteer, take online training & hope to work in the library someday.

Mentors & Mentoring:
I have been fortunate to have had many unofficial mentors in my life. From my 8th Grade English teacher, college professors & Gloria to the great librarians I have met in training and the ones I talk to every week. There's always something new to learn and the more I learn the less I know!

I have also been fortunate to unofficially mentor a few young people along the way. I just hope they won't hold it against me!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Things 8 & 9 cdp23

Google calendar was easy to use. I as able to set up a Shared Time Off Calendar for our department. It will be easy to keep the whole group up to date on who will be out of the office and when. It will eliminate the need for multiple emails and constant revision of the desk pad calendars we now use. I could see using Google Calendar as a scheduling tool for a small library. I also took a look at the Yahoo Calendar, it's very similar. I choose to stay with the Google product since I have a Google account.

Evernote is interesting! I watched several of the videos, read some of the blog posts ( Digitwirl entry was a great example of practical uses for Evernote) , and investigated the add-ons in the Trunk. If I had the responsibility for for managing personnel or organizing events I would use this. I might try using it for personal projects such as crafts or recipes just to get some experience. Another issue I have is technological... Evernote is great for using with multiple devises, but neither my phone or I are smart enough, my tablet is still a Big Chief and my PC is plugged into the wall!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thing 6 & Thing 7 cpd23

Online networks: I really enjoy Facebook for keeping up with friends, family and cpd23. Professionally I have chosen Nebraska Learns as my network to learn and grow in a safe environment. If I were looking for a job I would probably join LinkedIn.

Real networks are my favorite! Through the Basic Skills Classes (before they were available online) and NLA training seminars I have met many talented and inspiring librarians. Volunteering is an excellent way to broaden your networks and I highly recommend it.

In my "previous life" networking was essential. When I was new to my profession and had an issue that common sense, policy or a manual couldn't help me solve, it was necessary to call the colleague I met at a meeting or heard about on the grapevine. The phrase was WWGD, What Would Gloria Do? since Gloria had seen it all and tackled every problem. Most importantly, when policy or bureaucracy was about to send me over the deep end I would "take a partner", call Gloria and vent! As this real network grew and evolved I got to be Gloria every now and then. After more than 30 years this network still is strong...I wonder if Facebook will last this long?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Thing 5 cpd23

Plan your work. Work your plan. Reevaluate frequently! This is my pattern of work. With cpd23 I have had lots of reflective practice. I this the right plan for me? Is my time best used elsewhere? Do I really want have a professional online identity? I have been mulling these questions for about 2 weeks now and have decided to stay the course. I have chosen not to create professional online identity. I have chosen to be selective in my choices of social networking. One deciding factor is a blog post on cpd23 blog concerning a work place that blocks social networking. I am in that situation so all my learning in during "family time". So I am planning my work...
and hoping the new plan works a little better!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thing 4 cpd23

This week I revisited Twitter. I signed up during the first 23 Things, but didn't really use it. So I'm reevaluating. I have subscribed to some of the recommended library sites and have found useful information.

I also signed up for RSS a few years ago, but again did not keep checking for new feeds. I have refreshed my following list and will try it again.

As for Pushnote, I signed up, looked around and unsubscribed. If I can't keep up with Twitter and RSS then I certainly can't keep up w/this!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thing 2, Thing 3 and Boomer Angst

The blog recommendations in Thing 2 were very helpful. I have subscribed to "Librarian by Day" & NeLearns 2.0 on Facebook. Of course, my blog mentor is NP's own Dancing Thoughts from Cranefarm.

The best part of the NCompass live presentation was listening to Charlotte and Niamh. Their enthusiasm is contagious! In addition, the global scope the project demonstrates the power of social media.

Now, Thing 3 really got me to thinking(always a dangerous thing)about my online identity. I don't have a strong online identity, only this blog as my professional platform and a Facebook page w/a small friends list for my personal life. I have spent 35 years or more crafting my professional "brand" in my community, so do I really need to increase my online presence? Do I have time to maintain it? The answer to the time dilemma is, probably not.

So, if I were to expand my own online brand I would use the suggestions from Boyd and Fleet. I would connect to the global community using cpd23 as a staring point. I would become more vocal in Facebook, make more comments to the participants of NElearns and cultivate more connections in the library community outside of where I live.

As part of Thing 3 I did Google myself. 14 Gayla Ward's are found online. Unfortunately, one is a murder victim. Yikes! That dampened my interest in the exercise.

Thing 3 did make me examine how I do present myself online and how I could expand what I have already established.

Monday, June 20, 2011

CPD23: Thing 1

I learned a lot from the first 23 Things, so I'm excited to get started with cpd23.

Where am I in my career? In 2006 I started with Basic Skills classes and volunteering in the Public Library. A year and a half ago I was given the opportunity to find a new job (I had been employed in retail for over 30 years). I was very lucky to find a full time job and I'm still volunteering at NPPL. I hope to keep my certification up to date and so the 23 Things for Career Development is just what I need!

Thing 1 Blogging. Even though I have been blogging for a couple of years, it takes me forever to compose a post. I hope to become more comfortable with the process! No more dithering over what to write and how to say it. I'm hoping to gain some ideas and insights from other blogs and bloggers. So here we go and let's hope I can get my next post done in less than an hour.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Thing 46 Stixy

I enjoyed learning about Stixy. I found it very useful communication tool for a FOL project. As a volunteer, I sort book donations for the book sale. In the past,
book tally sheets have gotten lost and not everyone gets the same info. With Stixy
4 people keep up to date. I like being able to email everyone in the group with updates and leave or receive notes. In the beginning I asked everyone to initial and date the posts. This worked well for our group.

Stixy could also be a fun project for a library book club or family genealogy.
"How to Stixy" could be a fun mini-class to share with patrons.

You can see my Spring Stixy here.

password Thing 46