Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thing 13 cpd23

This week I was able to expand my experience with online collaboration.

I learned about Google Docs in the 1st 23 Things. I have used it for a resume based on one of the templates and created simple spreadsheets. I hope to use it for the next group project.

I did sign up for Dropbox. The tutorial was easy to understand so I had a folder for the FOL Fall Sale set up rather quickly. I also added another computer to my account and invited co-workers to share.

I also learned about wikis in the first 23 Things. I participated in the project, but have not the opportunity to get involved with this type of collaboration since then. I did explore the Library Day in the Life wiki. It's a great example of how online collaboration can bring a large group of people together for a common purpose and have fun doing it.

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