Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thing 17 cpd23

WOW! Am I impressed with Prezi! It took awhile to view all the tutorials(Ned Potter makes it look easy) and examples but it did motivate me to consider giving it a try. So, I signed up. I have an idea for simple marketing Prezi for the Fall Book Sale, but I need to check w/the Library Director first. I have a background picture in mind and how I want the information to zoom in and out through the presentation. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

I was introduced to Slideshare in the 1st 23 Things, but I didn't have access to PowerPoint. It was something new to learn about, but not something I could use. Today when I logged on there were several presentations of Steve Jobs quotations so I took a trip down memory lane and my first PC, a hand me down Apple 2 w/a daisy wheel printer. Anyway,after a short tour around Slideshare I could see the value of saving and sharing all those presentations even the bad & the ugly. We always need examples of what not to do!

As always, I enjoy reading the posts of the participants and viewing their Presi & Slideshare presentations.

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