Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thing 20 cpd23

This was a terrific assignment. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the wiki posts from the Day in the Life... & Library Roots & Routes projects. The diversity in library and information careers is really amazing when compared to the libraries & librarians I remember from the 1960's!

I talked a little bit about my path to becoming a library volunteer in Thing 1 & 10 so I'll share a bit of what I hope my route will be for the next few years. I really enjoy my current assignment: sorting donations for the Friends Book Sale. Occasionally, I'll shelve books or scan obits, but now that it's okay to come out of the garage I'd like to help with other projects. Our library does a lot of fund-raising so I'll have many of opportunities to try new things. I plan on keeping my certification up to date. You never know when an opportunity will present itself. In addition, I will be able to retire in only 9 years so perhaps a third career as a library staff member will be my route or Library Board or maybe....

Thanks again for a great cpd lesson.

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