Monday, October 17, 2011

Thing 21 & 22 cpd 23

I completed Thing 21 a year & a half ago when my long time career ended. I was prepared for many of the challenges of job searching, but was surprised how much energy it took to look for a new job. I would recommend "Now Discover Your
Strengths" by Marcus Buckingham or the "Strengths Finder 2.0" by Donald Clifton for anyone struggling to define their strengths. Ned Potter does it again. His blog post on Interviewing is excellent!

Thing 22: Volunteering for professional growth.
I started volunteering at the library for many of the reasons discussed in this lesson. Would I enjoy working in a library? Would the skills I had be useful in a library setting? Could I fit in with the culture? Today I can answer yes to all of these questions because I volunteer.

I found the study by McCrudden to be very thought provoking. The idea of unpaid work devaluing the work of paid staff could just boil down to attitude. I don't think the volunteer work I do devalues the work of any of the library staff, because my assignment is outside the usual job description. I would definitely volunteer to work on special projects for more job experience. So, in my point of view volunteering is a good thing!

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